Natural Intelligence

Imagine becoming five times more productive, five times smarter, five time more creative, five times an accelerated learner, five times healthier and fitter and five times younger. Yes, it’s not a fairytale. By mastering your biology, psychology and neurology using natural intelligence systems and human systems hacking, you become a natural hacker. Natural Intelligence Systems and Human Systems Hacking – your ultimate solution to achieving these goals, all-in-one.

Natural Intelligence Systems (NIS) and Human Systems Hacking (HSH) were born out of over 18 years of cross-sector, cross-disciplinary research and practice at the intersection of over 15 disciplines. NIS and HSH are a fine blend of cutting edge science, technology and ancient wisdom. Drawing from psychology, neuroscience, systems biology, cell biology, genetics, human kinetics, biotechnology, nutrition and dietetics, physiology, biochemistry, psychoneuroimmunology, functional and network medicine, energy medicine, energy psychology and so on.

NIS integrates insights from hundreds of data points on how the body, brain, mind works in their default mode and how they are altered by natural and environmental elements such as sleep, movement, air, water, food, light, sound, electromagnetic forces and gases. It uses these insights to rapidly reprogram (biohacks, neurohacks, psychohacks) the entire human being (Human Systems Hacking) for optimum wellbeing, exceptional brilliance, accelerated learning and superhuman performance.

Pillars Of Natural Intelligence Systems

Natural Intelligence Systems is based on the following foundational pillars:

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Human Systems Hacking (HSH) draws its life from the foundations and principles of Natural Intelligence Systems (NIS). It is an integration of Biohacking, Psychohacking and Neurohacking with a strong leverage on the promise and power of technology.

Biohacking focuses on the body and its functional systems.

Psychohacking focuses on the mind and its functional systemsNeurohacking focuses on the brain/nervous system and its functional systems

HSH focuses on aligning these three dynamic systems (body, brain and mind) with the internal and external environment.

Human Systems Hacking Focuses On The Direct Or Indirect Manipulation Of A Number Of Signature Systems To Produce Rapid Results. These Include:

Our Vision

Vision Towards a world of infinite possibilities.

Our Mission

To unleash the infinite potential of humans by harnessing the innate intelligence buried deep within each person.

Our Values

Innovation. Compassion. Passion. Resilience. Integrity. Audacity

The Promise Of NIS And HSH

Simply put, NIS and HSH makes you a SUPERHUMAN. By leveraging NIS and HSH, everyone, regardless of status can rapidly:

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Tony Alagbile is a Harvard-trained expert, Africa’s leading Systems Thinker and Network Scientist. He is the Curator of Natural Intelligence Systems (NIS) and Human Systems Hacking (HSH), combining revolutionary insights from more than 15 disciplines over the course of 18 years. Both NIS and HSH are based on interconnectivity, regeneration, circularity and balance, which are at the heart of nature’s intelligence.

He is also a globally-focused serial entrepreneur and investor, with interests in multiple sectors, including neurotech, psychtech, edtech, biotech, healthtech, agritech and foodtech.

He is currently a Doctoral Researcher in Integrative and Natural Medicine. He holds a Masters degree in Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard University, a Masters in Organisational Effectiveness, Development and Change from the University of Delaware and a First Class Honours Degree in Psychology from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. He is a Quantum Integrative Coach, a Chartered Psychologist and a Certified Learning and Development Expert.

A seasoned consultant, he completed the Leading Professional Services Firms Program at Harvard Business School.

For close to two decades, he has worked with blue chip organizations across the globe, consulted for fortune 500 companies, coached, trained and coached captains of industry, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, elite sportsmen and women, military and paramilitary forces. As his pledge to nurture greatness in the upcoming generation, he finds time out of his busy schedule to mentor young people to actualize their potential for greatness.

His clients include corporate organizations, educational institutions, non-profits and faith-based organizations



Quantum Integrative Coach.90%
Network Scientist.90%
Systems Thinker.90%
Human Systems Hacker.90%