After several months of iterative work, we finally curated a signature program to unleash the performance of organisations and groups, using natural intelligence systems.


According to Mckinsey and Company, on the average, organizations spend only 5% of their time in a state of flow, that state of heightened awareness, creativity and peak performance.

In a world in which we are continuously stimulated on all sides, humans have never been this distracted and hyperactive. Experts have posited that, on the average, employees lose up to two and half hours to mind wandering and additional two hours due to social media distractions – a whopping 4.5 hrs – more than 50% of our typical work-day.

Coupled with lateness, absenteeism and presenteeism, which are at an all time high, globally – with estimates of an average loss of 100 hours per employee every year – productivity and performance are clearly at the receiving ends.

This cumulative waste of manhours is costing organizations an average of $25,000 per employee. That’s a whopping $2.5m for an organization with just 100 employees. What if we reverse the trend of this colossal waste by targeting the root causes and implementing revolutionary systems that guarantee consistent results for employees and organizations at large?

Leveraging the power of Natural Intelligence and Human Systems Hacking, our signature SUPERHUMAN WORK-WEEK PROGRAMME has been carefully designed to reverse this abysmal trend. The programme does exactly what it promises: transforms your workplace into flow zones and makes your employees perform at super optimal levels, so you can kiss goodbye to the biting effects of an unproductive work environment.

With decades of collective experience working with hundreds of blue chip organizations around the globe, we know exactly what makes organizations tick. We understand what it means to have an engaged, productive and fulfilled workforce.

In the superhuman work-week programme, we will work with your organisation to build and incorporate daily systemic hacks and protocols geared towards transforming performance outcomes at individual and corporate levels.

The programme integrates revolutionary insights from cutting edge science, modern technology and ancient wisdom, guaranteed to shift mindsets and orchestrate new and empowering habits and behaviours.


At the end of this 3-day transformational programme, participants develop skills that would enable them:

Improve their brain’s absorption efficiency, processing speed and retention power

Ease into flow states that serve as source codes of creativity and innovation

Move seamlessly between tasks with precision, ease and faster reaction time

Complete complex, high intensity work tasks with significantly lower energy expenditure

Maintain high energy and peak states throughout the day

Build skills to immediately neutralize fatigue and lethargy during the work day

Maintain a sense of calm and equanimity, even in the midst of an intensely packed workday.

Achieve overall satisfaction and improved quality of life



  • Morning routines that guarantee peak performance throughout the day
  • Evening routines that set you up for super experience the next day
  • Choose the right foods, portions and timing for high energy levels throughout the day
  • Simple hacks to boost creativity and enhance flows state throughout the course of the day
  • Strategically incorporate powerful mind-body practices at specific times during the day
  • Seamlessly weave fitness regimen into the workday, without going to the gym
  • Systematically track the daily metrics that have the most impact on human productivity
  • Signature apps, gadgets and devices everyone must have




For effective classroom facilitation and participation, we recommend between 15 and 25 participants per cohort.