Training Programs

Super Human Performance program

Super Human Intelligence program

Super Human Learning Systems program

Super Human Health & Wellness program

Super Human Longevity Program (aka hacking aging program)

Ultimate stress innoculation program

Our flagship programs include the following:

A 30 days (30 hours) Superhuman Bootcamp. It is open to anyone seeking to upgrade to the next level of performance

Think of this 30-day programme as a cheat sheet. I will be sharing the essentials
from hundreds of years of people’s research and thousands of years of ancient wisdom, condensed for you.

A 60 days Human Systems Hacking Certification Program open to coaches, therapists, counselors and health practitioners

The HSHC is a thread that weaves around every coaching discipline. Rooted in Natural Intelligence Systems, the programme cuts through the complexities of more than 15 disciplines, from modern science to ancient wisdom, with strong infusion of technology.

How to Join The NIS and HSH Train



I offer Group Coaching Programs for a minimum of 10 persons.