Imagine multiplying your performance, learning, creativity and youthful vigor, by as much as 300%. The Curator of Natural Intelligence Systems (NIS) and Human Systems Hacking (HSH) – A Harvard-trained expert – makes this bold claim.

Born out of over 18 years of cross-disciplinary research and practice at the intersection of over 15 disciplines, NIS and HSH are a fine blend of cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom. Drawing heavily from multiple fields such as psychology, neuroscience, cell and systems biology, quantum physics, genetics, human kinetics, exercise science, biotechnology, nutrition and dietetics, physiology, biochemistry, psychoneuroimmunology, functional and network medicine, bioenergetics and biofield science, both NIS and HSH open the door to a life of optimum wellbeing, fulfilment and longevity. 

NIS integrates insights from hundreds of data points about how the body, brain, and mind works in their default mode and how they are altered by natural and environmental elements such as sleep, movement, air, water, food, light, sound, electromagnetic forces and gases. It uses these insights to rapidly reprogram (biohacks, neurohacks, psychohacks) the entire human being (Human Systems Hacking) for optimum wellbeing, exceptional brilliance, accelerated learning and superhuman performance.

By mastering your biology, psychology and neurology using natural intelligence systems, you can become a human systems hacker.

NIS is based on a number of foundational pillars that underpin it. These include:

·        Interconnectivity (everything in nature is connected)

·        Circularity (nothing new is created or destroyed.  Whatever goes around, comes around),

·        Balance (natural systems operate as a balance of opposites),

·        Self-Regeneration (without human interference, nature is constantly renewing itself),

·        Self-Correction (in its default mode, nature repairs itself).

Human Systems Hacking – Tapping into Nature’s Intelligence

Human Systems Hacking (HSH) draws its life from the foundations and principles of Natural Intelligence Systems (NIS). It is an integration of Biohacking, Psychohacking and Neurohacking, with a strong leverage on the promise and power of technology.

·        Biohacking focuses on the body and its functional systems 

·        Psychohacking focuses on the mind and its functional systems

·        Neurohacking focuses on the brain/nervous system and its functional systems

HSH focuses on aligning these three dynamic systems (body, brain and mind) with the internal and external environment.

It focuses on the manipulation (direct or indirect) of a number of signature elements. It also focuses on how to use these elements to modulate functions in the human system in order to produce rapid results. These elements include:

·        Water

·        Earth

·        Air and Natural Gases

·        Fire

·        Breath

·        Food

·        Sunlight

·        Sound

·        Electromagnetic Forces

·        Temperature

·        PH

·        Electrolytes

Both NIS and HSH were built from the ground up, tested with dozens of subjects and clients, refined over the course of 36 months and finally simplified for applications at work and in everyday life. 

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